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COVID-19 Resources for the Tourist Attractions and Visitor Experience Industry.

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

COVID-19 is fastly taking over the world, impacting all businesses especially the tourist attractions and visitor experience industry. I have handpicked some helpful information for people working in this space to inform and inspire you during this difficult time. So, here goes...


Google - COVID-19 Alert - https://g.co/kgs/ytrVtb

Bing COVID-19 Tracker - https://www.bing.com/covid

World Health Organization

What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Advice for the General Public and Shareable Graphics

Travel Advice

Mass Gatherings Guidance

Technical Guidance

Situation Reports


News and advocacy updates 

Current UK Gov Financial Support (incl job retention scheme)

Arts Council England and National Lottery Heritage Fund support

Online Advice Surgeries

‘The HR Dept’ HR helpline for members, plus advice for staff

Conservation and care of collections

Workplace Recommendations & Working from Home

Looking after the health and safety of your employees who cannot work from home

Risk Management for COVID-19

Getting Your Workplace Ready for COVID-19

7 Tips for Working from Home (English)

IAAPA Live Chat: March 31, 2020 - Work from Home Best Practices

Working from Home Tips for Success: Maintaining FOCUS and getting stuff done! (YouTube)

9 Ways to Stay Motivated When You Work from Home - Productivity Tips (YouTube)

Managing your Visitors and Employee Experience

Three Steps to Improving Customer Experience in The Middle Of The COVID-19 Pandemic (Blog)

A Customer Experience Leader’s Checklist for Responding to COVID-19 (Infographic)

Tips for Managing Customer Experience During COVID-19(Blog)

Transforming Customer Experience in This Coronavirus Affect World (Blog)

Coronavirus: Five Rules for Growing Customer Loyalty(Blog)

How to communicate to customers in anxious times (Blog and Video)

Addition Information

Eurogroup statement on COVID-19 economic policy response

COVID-19 Video Series from Attraction Pros  (Podcast)

Coronavirus Disruption in Europe (Webinar)

IAAPA Live Chat: COVID-19 situation and prepare for what's next, including reopening

How companies within the attractions industry are addressing COVID-19

If you have any useful site and information you would like to share, message me on LinkedIn or DM me on email. Keep safe and healthy :0)



International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA)

AIM Association of Independent Museums

Google - www.google.com

Bing - www.bing.com


Forrester Research

Bain & Company, Inc.

AB Tasty

CustomerThink Corp

Chief Executive Group



Institute of Customer Service

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