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Breathing new life to Museums and Visitor Attractions Worldwide

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If I asked you — “What’s the most exciting place you’ve ever visited?” — I am guessing you would have an answer in seconds.

I am Carlton. There is a reason the memory of that particular attraction seems to enter your mind of its own volition. Resonant experiences stay with us. As a leader in service design, I am here to help your business or organisation create that same experiential thrill for every one of your visitors.

Millennials notably invest more of their money in experiences rather than “things” — more so than any generation before them. As long as attractions continue to innovate while staying true to their own singular brand, the tourist industry will thrive!

Every park, museum, and venue offer its own flavour of education, experience, and entertainment. I have spent more than a decade as a fund-raiser, manager, promoter, designer and organizer for numerous brands and immersive experiences.

Serving in this range of roles has allowed me to become an expert in customer experience frameworks and all-things operations. At this point, I know all the ins and outs of consumer behaviour and staff engagement! I can provide specialised guidance for leaders of new and existing attractions, and show you how to create the most positive, functional setting for employees and guests while maximizing your revenue!

Let me make your organisation the boldest, best, and most efficient version of itself. You will have an airtight operation, awestruck responses, and endless word-of-mouth that keeps the crowds returning.

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I serve as the most skilled and attentive visitor experience consultancy in the industry. I strive to shape and transform attractions for the next generation of tourism by supporting leadership and energising their organisations.

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Maya Angelou famously stated, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

To me, no quote serves as a more perfect mantra for the worlds of hospitality and tourism.

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The first impression is obvious: all visitors should feel safe, cared for, respected, and able to engage. But once you have met these standards — what feelings are you trying to invoke in them? Curiosity? Reverence? Silliness? Joy?

Whatever your unique offering, THAT’S what they will remember, and THAT’S what I would like to help you convey.

With this mindset as a guiding focus, coupled with my practical know-how, I will help your attraction:

•   Realise its ambitions

•   Engage its employees

•   Find new and increased revenue streams

•   Revitalise its approach to educational material

•   Earn its status as a high-profile organisation

•   Provide a seamless and remarkable interactive experience

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Keeping people Safe and Organised

Both existing and soon-to-open attractions require a comprehensive plan for pacing and flow within the physical space, along with a clear organisational structure for its team of employees.


Above and Beyond

At the end of the day, an attraction is only as successful as the employees running it. Essential management and leadership training instils confidence and preparedness within team members that will power the entire operation.


Raising the Bar

New attractions require targeted and strategic outreach to inaugurate their presence within the market. For veteran attractions, it may be time to launch or implement a new campaign that draws in both new and returning audiences.

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Head of Guest Experience



Guest Experience Manager

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